Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year Has Arrived, and stories to tell....

And, it is time, for 'me' to put some of my dreams and aspirations for 2011 into place!

This is my beautiful son, Jesse-James, taken on Christmas morning. Lots of lovely gifts, though Jesse and Ms Malinki (cat) had a lot more fun 'together' with the packaging/paper, and pinching baubles off the Christmas tree.

Jesse and Malinki have a special bond, its something I have not experienced before - where Jesse is, Malinki is never far away, if not right next to him. Malinki is often found guarding his room! She has many unusual (to me) attributes, that resemble a dog and many a time has warned John and myself of impending danger.

So, I will share 'one' of the tales of Ms Malinki 'today' as I truly think it is 'special'...

New Years Eve my partner, John was working the night shift, and as he went off to work I was outside pulling some weeds up and enjoying the cool sea breeze. Jesse was inside playing with his zoo train, enjoying all the animal noises it makes. He started to grizzle a little, so I went to go inside - the door was locked! John and his great big clumsy hands had half snibbed the door lock (as I discovered when I finally got into the house). Immediately I hit 'sheer panic' mode. Its 7pm, we live in a small estate where most people were away or out celebrating the soon to arrive new year - I didn't know a soul in the area from only moving a month ago. My phone was inside! I ran around the house checking all the doors and windows for a means of getting into the house - all locked. My heart was pounding so hard as I could hear Jesse calling for his Mum - it seriously was nearly the worst feeling I have ever felt and describing it is near impossible. I had opened the front door before going outside to the let the breeze in, though the security door was locked. I peered in through the door, talking to Jesse and trying to calm him down - Malinki yawned and stretched from her lazy perch on the couch and came over to the door to me, and I am sure she sensed my distress as she let out the most sorrowful howl. Jesse was by now quite upset, and Malinki went over to him and curled up by his side (she normally stays just out of his reach).

I ran next door to my neighbour, Ron and thank goodness he was home. When I explained what had happened, he was as concerned as I was. We grabbed a knife and headed back to the security door, looking at it and trying to work out how we would open it as neither of our hands would fit through the security pattern of metal. Ron cut the fly-wire, and tried getting the knife to push the latch across. In the end, I squeezed my hand through the security screen - took off a lot of skin, and was badly bruised and swollen. Amazing what you can do at times!

In the time we were doing this, Malinki kept trying to amuse Jesse, licking his face, moving all over him, sitting in front of him trying to entice Jesse into playing with her tail and collar and making all these soft crooning noises (which I'd never heard before). As soon as we entered back into the house, she gave a cry (of relief perhaps?) and climbed back onto 'her' chair to lazily curl up once more.

The above photo is of Malinki, taken a few months before we moved, proudly sitting in Jesse's bumbo seat.

I know Ms Malinki was caring for Jesse, as weird as it sounds, and this is not the first incident.

Hopefully sooner, than later, I will share some more stories of what takes place in my life, with my partner, my son, my Malinki and my creations...

Happy New Year to all those that stumble over my blog, may dreams, wishes, hopes, aspirations be everything you desire for 2011!


Rose Anne B said...

Happy New Year to you and your family and if she allows please give Malinki a Thank God hug from me and an extra treat for looking after Jesse!!! That was scarey!!!

ALSO I too am very very very pleased to have you blogging once again and can't wait to see more eyecandy from you of stitching and family!


Harijann said...

Thank God there is someone who keeps her cool


Julia said...

Welcome back Sandie..your a Sandgroper and just a few hours away now from me now,
What a scare you had, so glad Jesse was Ok!
Happy New year, I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful work on your blog..
Julia ♥

DelightfullyCrazy said...

Rose Anne, Its nice to be back in the blogging world, though life is so busy with bub and 'stuff' in general there may not be as much 'creations' as I used to do. Delivered a smooch and hug to Malinki from you!!

Mohan, Lovely to see you post on my blog!

Julie, yes in W.A now and only a few hours away from you and Viv - very exciting. I will let you know when I come down to Perth, so hopefully we can all catch up again. Love to you and Reno. xxx