Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Relocation... Settling In....

It has been a huge venture moving over to Western Australia, and we are slowly settling into our new home and surroundings. Our home is in an estate of a group of 16 houses, which weave up a paved driveway.  Very hard to explain, but its lovely!

The photo above and below is the beach at the end of our driveway.  It was a beautiful stormy day when I took the photograph above, a cyclone had taken place further up the coast, and we were gifted with much needed rain!

Above is the "Water Park" for the children on the foreshore of Geraldton.  There is also a massive park next to it and each time we have been there, its been full of children!  All through this area, the children can push buttons (so many everywhere) and water will spurt out in fountains, either from the ground or other areas.  When I go next to take Jesse for a 'splash', I'll get more photos.  These ones were taken on my phone (and weather was not the best), as at the time my digital camera was missing!

And, below is a series of photographs of Jesse and Malinki who happily play together 'often'.  Last night after dinner, Jesse was playing with some paper (more like ripping it into shreds, and thus why dummy is in mouth, so he did not eat it) and Malinki joined in on the fun. Personally I find it amazing how gentle Jesse is with Malinki and vice versa. 

Malinki has a paper fetish ever since she was s small kitten.  We will throw the ball of paper and she will fetch it for hours, upon hours.  Often, she will find a receipt sitting on the bedside cupboard, and will drop it on either John's and my 'face' when we are sleeping, wanting to play!  LOL  We make sure no paper is laying around in the bedroom now!!!

I should also add, that Jesse does not have a lazy eye, his eyelid nerves on his right eye, were damaged when he was born.  In time, it will hopefully be corrected via surgery (something I am not looking forwards to).  I suppose if the world, was not so judgemental with differences, then possibly we would not put him through surgery.  However, as Jesse is growing, it is becoming apparent it will affect his eyesight.

...and to me, and his Dad, he's still perfect in every way! :-) 

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