Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time for a change.....

I love being creative, and recently 're-visited' something I started many years ago, scrap-booking.  The above photos is the start of my paper bag album, and so far its all coming together beautifully.  I'm really enjoying the journey it is taking me on, and especially the journaling side - even if I do struggle in making up titles, the journaling is easy.  Ever since I was 11 I have kept a diary, and once upon a time was very faithful in writing.  However, over the years with a more busier lifestyle my diary writing has suffered considerably.  

The best part of this wonderful paper craft, is I am creating memories for my children and their children and possible future generations for when I am long gone.  I've often looked at odd photos my Mother had given me and thought to myself ......"it means nothing to me, I don't know who is in the photographs or if there is a story to tell".  Those particular photographs were thrown into an envelope marked "don't know".  Recently doing a scrap layout page on my Mother as a child, I re-visited that envelope - I took photographs with my mobile phone and sent them through to my Mum in South Australia asking her to tell me about the photographs (I picked two).  Mum has since told me the 'stories' behind these photographs and who they are of.... the photographs make more sense now, and now they 'mean' something to me!! 

So the next time you're flicking through photographs and you come across one that is totally meaningless to you, ask a family member to tell you the 'story' behind the photograph - you may just be quite surprised at what you are told and how that photograph becomes more precious because of the story associated to it.

Now, I want my future generations to look at the photos and know exactly who was in the photograph, why they were in it and the occasion/story behind it being taken.

I'm on an interesting path and one I am enjoying....

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