Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using up my scraps of 'paper'...

I can imagine most of us, no matter what craft we undertake, manage to have a mirage of left over 'bits and pieces'. We always say to ourselves we will eventually use them up, or they will come in handy for layouts, etc.  

My Mother is one to always send a card to someone for 'some' occasion, so she keeps me on my feet in creating cards, using all my left over papers from my paper-crafting. 

When I am working on a project, any left overs get put into a box which has little dividers in it so that papers of certain themes are all together - thus, I don't have to go searching through the whole lot.

Anyway, below are just a few quick cards I put together over the Easter weekend to put in with my Mum's Mothers Day present.

Below, everything was created using 'scraps'...


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HarmonySweetpea said...

Gorgeous cards Sandie. Love each and every one of them!