Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"I want you to love me" Layout

I can remember vividly joking with John (my partner) that I wanted a Burmese and it was either a cat or a baby...
Our cat, Malinki, a Burmese came into our lives not long before we discovered we were going to be parents.  
Right throughout my pregnancy she adored my growing belly, would perch upon it and sit there and stare – even more so when bubby would move about.  Malinki grew very attached to the new addition, and upon our son, Jesse’s arrival and coming home – oh my goodness.  It was like a bee to the finest flower ever ........ they were and still are glued together. 

Actually, it is quite uncanny the wonderful closeness they share – unique and an extremely beautiful experience.
Our photos consist of the two together constantly, and this layout, depicts the two in their usual ‘stance’ – curled up together or playing together.
AND, before anyone gets alarmed, Malinki never slept with Jesse and still doesn’t!
The layout includes hidden journaling, and also a range of other photographs that ‘tell the tale’.  It was created with a range of odd papers I had laying about and cardstock to match.  Odds and ends of everything – a bit of lace, ribbon, crochet, Tim Holtz journal pin, Cheery Lynn butterflyfanciful flourish die, and even stitching (which sadly does not show in the photograph at all).
There are plenty more photographs with Malinki and Jesse together ... precious moments to scrap and treasure!

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My Prayers & Good Wishes to You, Jesse and Malinki