Friday, September 23, 2011

Dove Garden

This piece is a silk print by Judith & Katherine. I completed this in 2000, photographed in 2002, and even though I have a frame – dare I say it is still waiting to be framed? I’m now wondering how long it will take to complete the “Dove Garden” piece – but on contemplation of this fact, I guess it is better packed and stored in a box, till I know where we will eventually settle…

All the threads, ribbons are hand-dyed and embroidered/flowers hand-wound to create this dreamy picture, which includes porcelain doves. I loveeee the silk prints, as they allow for your own personal touches in whatever area you desire – you can add anything your heart desires.

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Bear said...

gggg I have this print - mines still undone- and I look at it and many others all undone and think -one day hi ya fund ya blog girl I miss ya- xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
beary girl