Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Memory Book 'Page' - Creative Inspirations Paint

This fortnight for Creative Inspirations Paint, I thought I would show my 'work in progress' on my Memory Album.  This is one of the pages inside where the torn/distressed edges were painted with 'Gold', allowing for a really aged appearance. 

I'm not the best stamper (learning the art), so I tried to attempt to create an embossed image, which was not really sucessful, but practice will make perfect.  Sadly, I cannot tell you which colours in the 'Deliquesce' range I used, as I packed them up before writing them down (with the thought of throwing my tag out).  I played around a little with using the Denium and Sky Blue Creative Inspirations Paints on the background, trying to meld one into the other. The more I played, the more I liked it, so thus, my tag did not end up in the bin.

The silk ribbon was painted with straight Denium, and here and there a touch of Blush.  

The Imaginarium Designs chipboard butterfly was painted using the Sky Blue, then touched (while still wet) with Denium, blending the two together.  I am unsure what the green spot is, must be something spilled onto the chipboard before painting.  It does not show in real, only in the photographs!
I used a lone Prima Marketing flower in white, painting it in the same colours as the tag - Denium and Sky Blue. A light touch of the paintbrush to the edges of each layer of the flower with the Denium paint, gave more definition and character.  Before the paint totally dried (you have to work quick as it does dry fairly quickly) I rolled the flower in Resplendence 'Angel Dust' - my new favourite in the Creative Inspirations Range.  Oh my goodness, it is sooooo delightful, the colours are beyond amazing and a little, goes a very long way.
Applying Gold to the edges of the actual book, and then the torn/distressed edges gave a beautiful shimmer, and replicates an older era of 'book'. 
Creative Inspiration Paints: Denium, Sky Blue, Gold, Blush, Resplendence 'Angel Dust'
Helmar Adhesives
Prima Marketing: White Flower
Kaisercraft: Pearls
Silk Ribbon: Hand-Dyed with Blush & Denium Creative Inspiration Paints


Christina C. said...

Thank goodness it did not end up in the bin!!!!! It is absolutely stunning! Love the gold edges and the distressed look.....beautiful!

Lean said...

Stunning work the butterfly looks amzing to.

Astrid Maclean said...

Gorgeous tag!! These paints look so beautiful and the details on the flowers and butterfly are amazing!

Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way. Have you properly moved now and are you settling in? Hope it was not too traumatic.... Let me know how it's all going when you have a minute.