Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vintage Images/Fairy Tutorial

I received an email and comment recently from followers letting me know my 'Vintage Fairy Tutorial' was not working.  So, even though it is an old tutorial, obviously it was well liked as I found it on Pinterest on more than one occasion :-)

Here is the revamped version for those looking for it.

Vintage Images/Fairy Tutorial

Copyright 2011, Sandie Edwards
For personal use only!

***Before attempting this tutorial, please read through all instructions first***

These little winged girls/boys are easy and simple to make, and look delightful in scrapbook layouts, cards and even tags.  There is a multitude of wonderful 'royalty free' vintage images out there on the internet, so do a search in Google and see what else you can find.


Wing Template ‘HERE
Vintage Image ‘HERE
Page from an old book
Glimmer Mist
Scissors and a Craft Knife
Copic Pens/Water Colour Pencils/Chalks
Kaisercraft Ink Pad in Sepia or Brown OR Distress Ink Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain)
 OR – Tim Holtz Distress Ink “Walnut Stain”.
Glitter – Any type works wonders
3mm Silk Ribbon
Charm or two
Mod Podge OR Glossy Accents
Ribbon (optional)
Scrap of Lace

How To...

Download 'Wing Template'.  The wing template can be made smaller or larger using WORD.  To do this, download the wing template onto your computer.  Open image in your photo program, then copy and paste into a WORD document.  You can click on the image when in WORD, and adjust the size to your own personal requirements.  Alternatively, if you are not WORD savvy, you can use your scanner to adjust the size of the template/images.

1. Download wing template, which can be found 'HERE'.
2. Once you have your wing template, using the old paper from an old book, trace the outline onto cardstock or cardboard. Carefully cute out.
3. Using Kaisercraft ink, or Distress Ink, ink all edges.  A cotton bud can be used to get into any small areas that an ink pad or dauber will not reach.
4. Lightly spray your wings with Glimmer Mist. 
5. Run a small beading of adhesive (Mod Podge) around wing edges, and apply glitter to edges.  A much easier method (now I am re-writing this) is to use Stickles Glitter Glue. 
6. Allow to dry, and iron with no steam when completely dry if paper curls.

7. Using your choice of vintage image carefully cut out using scissors.  Downloadable examples can be found 'HERE'.
8. Use a craft knife, on a cutting mat and get into any small areas that need removing. 
9. Ink edges of image.
OPTIONAL:  You can colour your images using copic pens, water colour pencils, inks, or chalks.  I lightly used a water colour pencil and blended by gently rubbing my finger gently across the image.  If you are a little more adventurous, there are a huge variety of mediums that can be used to colour.
10. Add Mod Podge or Glossy Accents over the shoes to give depth and dimension to the image - but only the shoe areas!  Allow to dry.
11. Add a length of double sides tape to the lower edge (dress) of your vintage image. Using a fine, small piece of lace, fold over a small hem, and place on edge to start - then add tiny pleats, pressing down onto the double-sided tape as you go.  To achieve a neat finish, remember to fold lace under at other edge before adhering.
12. Small pieces of lace can be added to the sleeves, but I personally thought my image looked fine without it.

OPTIONAL:  Apply a touch of blush (make-up) to a cotton-bud and lightly add some colour to her cheeks, gives a nice glow.
13. Place your image onto the wings and find the placement you are happy with.  Apply small amount of Mod Podge or Glossy Accents to front side of wings, and adhere to your image.  You may need to hold briefly while adhesive dries.
HANDY HINT: If you are not confident with the placement, turn image over and trace a line with pencil on the back of image to know where to adhere.
14. Create a small bow from the 3mm silk ribbon and attach to central area of pleated lace.
15. Charms can be added, as in photographs below.

Have Fun!!


Sandra said...

Sandie these look amazing and thanks so much for sharing, its a lovely idea.

Margyz Paper Games said...

What a gorgeous idea. Love this tutorial Sandie. Thank you. ox Marg

Lizzyc said...

Oh thank you Sandie, these little people look adorable!!

Sue - bearhouse said...

How gorgeous! thanks for a fabulous tutorial Sandie.
Sue xx

Pat Winter said...

Awe how sweet. I need to make some for my can never have too many fairies! Thanks for the toot!

Helen Tilbury said...

How adorable!! I love these precious little people! Missed this first time round so will save the link!!! thanks for sharing :)

AHomesteadHeart said...

Thanks so much! I was one of the ones who let you know, and I had a number of my followers on Pinterest who were interested. I just now got around to checking back, and I am SO glad to see the full tutorial up and working. Gorgeous piece! :) I'll update my pin for my followers too! Thank you so much!