Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Do More with Less - Guest Design - Altered Mouse Trap Tutorial and Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I am guest designer for ‘Do More With Less’ this month. Thank you Yvonne for inviting me.  

Today, I want to share with you a quick, and easy tutorial on how to create a note or photo holder fridge magnet, using a mouse trap. Now, I do not think I need to stress how important it is to use new mouse-traps (LOL).  Recycling is wonderful, but perhaps not with mouse-traps!  These little note holders would be perfect little gifts with Christmas around the corner, and are something unique and certainly an entertaining, conversation piece. 

Altered Mouse Trap
Materials: Mouse Trap, Pliers, Paint, Misc. Paper Scraps, Quick Dry Adhesive, Lace Remnants, Silk Ribbon, Small Roses, Buds and Leaves, Distress Ink, Magnetic Strip, and Wording.

1. Remove wire catch with pliers.

2. Paint trap white as in Photograph 1.  I find it best to use spray paint, as this adheres to the metal elements of the trap perfectly, and gets into all grooves and crevices.
Photograph 1

3. Insert a small paper piece as shown in Photograph 2. This eliminates a gap of white in the centre when completed. I find it best to use a quick dry adhesive rather than tape, as glue allows for manipulation to get the paper into the correct position.

Photograph 2
4. Measure and cut 2 pieces of pattern paper to fit both the top and bottom portion of the trap, as shown in Photograph 3. Ink paper edges, and adhere into place on the trap.

Photograph 3

5. Affix wording of some sort across the top part of the trap - part without latch across it.
 6. Arrange flowers, buds and leaves and adhere into place, around wording.  Use Photograph 4  as a guide for placement.

Photograph 4

7. Create a bow from ribbon, and adhere to middle trap mechanism.

8. To complete, affix lace to outer edge, on back of trap, and adhere magnetic strip.  
See Photograph 5.
Photograph 5
I do hope that my tutorial has been inspiring and an appealing idea to some of you to make simple, adorable gifts for Christmas.  My challenge for you, is to get creative with something unusual laying around the house.  Examples:  Coffee jars, boxes, containers, old tins, plant pot, paper towel cylinder, paint brush (all the rage at the moment), chipped tea cup, anything that you can revamp, that would normally end up in the bin.  Bring new life to the piece you have picked, create up a storm and give the item a new place in your home..... I cannot wait to see what you come up with!
Upload your project to the correct post at the Do More With Less Blog to be in the running to win a RAK of a Shadow Box from Imaginarium Designs


Lizzyc said...

That looks amazing and I would never have thought about making one of these, it looks wonderful and how practical too!!

Sandra said...

Truly amazing Sandie and I think I'll have to make one or two for my scrap room, you're genius.

Sabrina Sulaiman said...

Amazing! This is totally gorgeous, Sandie! :-)

Linda R said...

This is look great. I just love your creative work..


Sue said...

WOW! This is fabulous Sandie, such a clever idea. I love all your pretty detailing
Sue xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Well, I NEVER! What a fantastic idea!! I really like the end product too....I'll certainly try & find something to join in & CONGRATS on your Guest spot, too:):):)

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW Stunning creation!! Love the flowers and of course the amazing transformation
Dr Sonia
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Helen Tilbury said...

This put a smile on my face today :) FANTASTIC idea and beautifully written and photographed tutorial!!

sandi said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome idea! LOVE what you've done here......looks fab!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Sandie, this is fabulous ... what a lovely idea for a stocking filler! Love how you've turned a mundane item into such a stunning little piece!! Gorgeous!!!! oxox

Art Nerd said...

Who ever thought a mouse trap could be so stinkin' cute!


Christina C. said...

Who would have thought??? How very clever, Sandie!!!!!!

Heather Jacob said...

wow so creative and magnificent xoxo

Lisa S. said...

I normally run from mouse traps but this one is so sweet I might have to give this a go. ;) Beautiful work as always Sandie!

Linda B said...

Genius.... and oh so beautiful!!!!

carlies said...

This are so clever !!! beautiful made !!!

my craft cupboard said...

Wow Sandie what a amazing idea I am sure that they would make excellent gifts.
Well done

Lynette said...

I never imagined ever complimenting a mouse trap...but this is gorgeous.

Denise van Deventer said...

So this idea! Must certainly give it a try! Beautiful btw! ;-)

Colleen Dietrich said...

Congratulations on being Yvonne's guest designer, Sandie! This mouse trap re-do is very clever, indeed. I've never seen anyone craft one of those up!