Monday, January 2, 2012

Sharing some personal photographs...a special part of my life...

"I love my blankie"

My son has Ptosis, due to trauma during his birth.... if you do not know what Ptosis is, you can read about it "here".  One of my favourite movie stars, Forest Whitaker has Ptosis, and each time I see him in action in a movie or series, I smile, as it reminds me so much of my son...  I am so self-conscious of taking photographs of him when his eye appears 'worse' (which is in sunlit conditions, and when he is tired).  Ptosis is part of him and I am by no means trying to 'hide' this aspect of him, as to me it just adds character.   My photo-taking-sessions more often than not consist of 100's of photographs being taken, just to get one shot I like.... NOT because of his eye, but because he is a 'bucket of worms' LOL!!!  Each time I attempt to take a photograph, I can guarantee you he will turn his head, or worse still, pick his nose...

So, I just wanted to share a special part of my son, Jesse...with photos taken over the holiday period...

"I love my Twisties"

"On the beach this-morning"

 "I wore Mum out blowing bubbles, so she purchased a battery operated bubble blower"
"Ohhh Arrhhh, Mum and Dad brought me a play gym for Christmas, and I love it"
"and, this is Ms Malinki - who I love to bits, and we are so close and have an uncanny, natural infinity with each other - even get into mischief together"


Adriana B said...

Sandie, thanks for sharing and sharing your photos of your gorgeous little man, his is so adorable and cute.
He looks like he is full of energy, and keeps you busy everyday.
To me, he has a beautiful , tender soul and cheeky boyish smile.
Love Adriana XX :)

Stampin D Amour said...

Sandie - these are darling photos! xo

-pamela :)

Carole said...

Sandie,Jesse is absolutely ADORABLE! Love his beautiful face, something special about your little guy. I might add Ms Malinki is pretty cool too *smile* Big hugs ... Carole

Anonymous said...

I have arrived at your blog google searching ptosis in young children.
My son was born with severe bilateral ptosis. Its not affected him at all and it's amazing how it becomes a little part of their personality. I've been told the way he looks down his nose at people makes him almost regal looking, as if to say 'Are you worth my time?'
I too struggle to get a good photo of my little monkey, I know your pain!
Anyway, I saw your pictures and felt compelled to write and let you know that our little boys have a very similar look about them and that some of the things that you've written are my feelings too. It was great to read your blog.
We are having my baby (20 months old) in for eye surgery next Friday so I'm frantically searching the net for information (not always a good thing). Although I'm not concerned about his physical appearance it will be great to go out and not have a random stranger state how tired he is and that he's barely able to keep his eyes open as I smile politely and agree!
Thank you for sharing your story.