Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Altered Candle Holder - Creative Inspiration Paints

Last week I happily experimented with Creative Inspiration Paints - using Lace and Flowers.  Sadly, my photos do not give off that beautiful shimmer, I can see in reality.  However, clicking on each photograph enlarges and reveals a lot 'more'. 
PLEASE NOTE:  I have altered this candle holder and it is now not intended for use with a flame, but instead, a battery operated device! 
 I experimented on various types of laces - cotton was fantastic, but boy did it soak in the paint and the colours were extremely vibrant.  When it came to my favourite choice of lace, guipure, I opted to water the mixture right down and the results were perfect, still maintaining the shimmer.  Of course for my project for Creative Inspiration Paints, I used a brighter hue than my normal tastes, as I really wanted the colours to show in my blog posts.  I must add, I certainly am not disappointed that I opted for the brighter version!

The longer, guipure lace was painted in 3 different hues of pink to generate a variegated appearance - from darker to lightest pink: 'Tickled Pink', 'Blush' and 'TuTu Pink'. 

The flowers are from 'I am Roses' and they are beautiful to work with in any genre. Each flower was painted using 'Pink Highlights' which gave incandescent results.  So pretty!  The lace leaves I had previously already hand-dyed and were in my stash - though they still received a splash of Olive Green paint, 
with gorgeous results.

I highly suggest these beautiful paints if you have not tried them previously, as they really allow a huge amount of scope in the creating field.  

Each month on the Creative Inspirations Blog, entrants to the weekly challenge have a chance to win a selection of paints.  There is no requirement for using the paints in your entries, however,  if you 'do', and list the colour names, your name will go into the draw twice. 

Have a great day

Creative inspiration Paints:
Tickled Pink
TuTu Pink
Pink Highlights
Green Olive
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive

Crackled Glass Candle Holder
Guipure Lace and Motifs
I am Roses - Flowers


Lean said...

This is so beautiful and the pink is yummie.

Astrid Maclean said...

Stunning Sandie! I am not usually a fan of really bright colours but these ones are really beautiful and all tie in so well together!

Adriana B said...

so so beautiful love it :)

Eila Sandberg said...

Am not a bright girl either but boy are these colours so pretty!

Vicky Pedlow said...

I am a 'bright' girl ;) I think this is a wonderful creation, Sandie! I love how you have used the paints, particularly on the Guipure Lace. So pretty.